Welcome reception
13 May in the Energy Discovery Centre

The Energy Discovery Centre is located next to the Culture Hub, about 1 minute walk.


The Energy Discovery Centre is a science center based in the former Tallinn power plant. The Centre has over one hundred exhibits, which allow everyone to safely study and test physical phenomena. It’s very important for them that our visitors can discover the surrounding environment by themselves.



Exhibitors' evening
14 May in the Creative Hub


Tallinn Creative Hub, which is also the conference's venue, is located in the former building of Tallinn City Central Power Station, which began operating in 1913 and closed in 1979.

The limestone building which now houses Tallinn Creative Hub used to be the power station’s boiler room, which was completed in 1934. The giant boilers (no. 6 and no. 7) located in the hall were built in 1948 and 1949. They were designed and made in Estonia and adapted for the use of local oil shale. The two boilers are the only ones remaining of the original ten boilers.

Of the buildings forming part of the Creative Hub complex, the boiler room, gas reservoir, trestle, and brick chimney were placed under heritage protection in 2007.



Gala dinner
15 May in the Olde Hansa Restaurant (Medieval Event with Entourage)


The Olde Hansa Restaurant is located in the very heart of Tallinn Old Town, it is approximately a 10-minute walk from the venue through Tallinn Old Town.


The herald of the house receives the guests together with the musicians at the Town Gate. The procession, accompanied by drums and bagpipes, then comes to the Old Market, where all the town people will be notified about the arrival of the honorable guests. The company will be guided to the dining hall along the narrow medieval staircases. Before ascending the stairs everybody will be offered encouraging drink.


The herald is the leader of the feast: he will take care of the honorable guests and gives them explanations about the food and drinks. A surprising feast will be crowned by the pride of medieval art of cooking – an admirable illusion food!


At the end of the grand feast every guest will receive a testimonial of the Rewal Town Council.